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October 2014 / Travel / by Charlea Glanville

Have I got cruise for you

Call us fanciful, but we’re just not quite ready to let go of summer yet, and with that undeniable autumn chill starting to creep in, we feel there’s nothing for it but to make tracks towards some winter sunshine.

Making all the more appealing this month is all-new Aqua Mekong – the boutique cruiser allowing adventure- and sun-seekers alike the chance to get the very best of South East Asia’s lively culture and clement climate in this most stylish of getaways through Cambodia and Vietnam.

The super-stylish boat has just 20 suites, ensuring an exclusive cruising experience like no other. Designed by renowned Saigon-based architects, Noor Design, and finished to perfection with locally sourced Asian fabrics and materials, all accommodation enjoys floor-to-ceiling views of the South China Sea – meaning even the most exacting of adventurers will struggle to find fault. The cruiser also boasts a plunge pool, sumptuous cocktail list by award-winning Proof & Company, and mouth-watering local cuisine courtesy of executive chef David Thompson.

If you can manage to roll yourself off the boat after all, head out on one of the daily river and shore excursions on offer. From shopping for ingredients with the boat’s chef in Cambodian wet markets to spending time with reptiles at a Vietnamese riverside farm, expect a trip that is truly boast-worthy – down to the seriously sharp staff uniforms, designed by an Yves Saint Laurent-trained designer.

Now give us five good reasons why you shouldn’t set sail this instant…

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