November 2017 / Style & Wellbeing / by Becky Pomfret

Highlight of the Day – New Conditioning Treatment from Daniel Galvin

Stylish and Friendly Salon in Kensington Offering New Highlights Conditioning Treatment

Hearing about a new conditioning treatment created by Daniel Galvin, specifically for highlighted hair, I take one look at my blonde and somewhat frazzled locks and pick up the phone to book myself in.

The Treatment

The ‘Love Your Highlights’ treatment consists of two steps: firstly the hair is washed with Daniel Galvin’s ‘Love Your Highlights Illuminating Shampoo’ which is formulated with wheat protein and Prodew 500 to strengthen hair and help to reduce breakage, and then conditioned, before hair is put under a steamer for 5-10 minutes to open the hair cuticles allowing the treatment to penetrate deeper. Sulphate and paraben-free, formulated with keratin, shea butter and a selection of nourishing oils,  this intensive conditioning treatment is designed to rescue dry, damaged highlights, moisturising hair deep to the core to deliver long lasting nourishment. As Daniel Galvin (OBE) says ‘Hair is a woman’s ultimate beauty asset – the only thing she never takes off’ so I figure a visit to his salon can only be a good thing.

Daniel Galvin








The Colour:

Arriving at the salon in Kensington, evidently not loving my highlights at all, I decide I may as well go for it and have a cut and colour to get myself ready for the fast-approaching silly season. Jade is my colourist and instantly puts me at ease, discussing my skin and eye colour and how I can adapt my hair tones now that my freckles have died down after the Summer. We decide to go for honey and golds, and as I relax into my magazine and coffee she sets to work.

The ‘Love Your Highlights’ treatment is applied at the backwash after my actual highlights have been washed out and I almost nod off as I wait for it to sink in. The whole atmosphere at the salon is particularly relaxed; it feels buzzy and professional but without the frenetic activity you get in some salons. The treatment has been designed, I’m told, not to leave any heavy residue, which is very important when you have fine hair (read thin) like I do.

The Chop:

Once I’m rinsed out and my hair’s in a turban, I’m led upstairs to meet Cheryl (lead stylist and manager of the salon). She advises me to go for a choppy bob and I’m very happy to do so. I like the way that the ethos of the salon is traditional, yet constantly evolving and embracing new techniques and processes. It feels like the kind of place you could bring in your Grandma or your daughter and you’d all come out with a style you’d be happy with. I’m very happy with mine, and the condition is fantastic. I swear I can see real gold in them there highlights!

The Smallprint:

67 Abingdon Road, Kensington, London W8 6AN Tel: 0203 544 6535,