February 2019 / Style & Wellbeing / by Becky Pomfret

The Perfect Skin Treatment

The Adonia Clinic’s Ultimate Facial

Alarmed by the passing of time, under pressure from the New Year, New You brigade and suffering from a hefty dose of winter-skin-itis, I decide that decisive action is needed and head to the Adonia Clinic in Maida Vale, where the talented Dr Ejikeme offers prescriptive skin-care routines as well as cosmetic treatments. Warm, welcoming and, of course, with a perfect, unblemished complexion, she immediately puts me at ease.


We discuss not just skin, but what lies beneath, and how our heritage plays a huge role in how we age. Fortunately – for my skin – my family more often spent holidays on the Lancashire moors than soaking up the sun on Caribbean beaches, so windburn was a greater concern than sun damage. We discuss how to treat my melasma (hyperpigmentation) and how dermal fillers might help to lift my face. But today the prescription is a bespoke medical facial.

Adonia, Ultimate facial

The treatment starts with a thorough cleanse using a peptic glycolic foaming cleanser, which is reportedly excellent for pigmentation. This is followed by a hydration cleanse – a very gentle extraction process where water is gently hosed onto the skin in order to dislodge dirt and dead skin cells, which are then sucked out. After a spot of microdermabrasion, I’m left to chill under my own personal disco helmet (aka LED mask) for some light therapy. Finally, serums are applied and 70 per cent oxygen is used to gently push them deep into the base layers of the skin. A generous application of factor 50 sunscreen is the last step, which, I’m schooled by Dr Ejikeme, we should all be wearing every day, even in winter.


My face is clean as a whistle and everything looks lifted. Better yet I feel more knowledgeable about why I have the skin that I have, and I know what I can do to improve, heal and protect it going forward. Dr Ejikeme is so likeable and approachable that she could probably have told me I needed an entire face-swap and I’d have gone along with it, but she’s far too kind for that, and besides, who needs invasive treatments when her facials are so good. Which isn’t to say I won’t be back for some of those fillers one day, you understand…

From £360. 474 Harrow Road, W9 (020 3875 7399;