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January 2022 / Style & Wellbeing / by Becky Pomfret

Daniel Galvin – Colour Correcting Hair Miracle

Everyone had a lockdown hair-low, right? A mad moment when the hair salons are all closed and that box of hair dye looks so enticing? I mean, how hard can it be to bleach your own hair? Yep, my personal lockdown low was attempting to balayage my own hair. Looking like an extra from Cats: The Musical was not my aim, but sadly those ginger patches along with straw-blonde ends made me look like a neglected stray cat and I took to wearing a hat. All the time.

The moment the salons opened I rejoiced and legged it to my hair salon of choice, Daniel Galvin in Marylebone.  Luckily I’d managed to find an appointment with Senior Colour Director, Chelsey Barraclough. After starting 14 years ago as a junior, she’s eminently qualified to help me fix my hair disaster. Also more than qualified to judge! After proclaiming my hair is the worst lockdown DIY job she’s seen so far (well at least I’m top of the charts somewhere) she sets to work to fix the damage. Carefully blending the rather strange colours I have going on, taking care not to inflict further hardship to my hair, it’s a painstaking job, but her friendly nature and easy chat means the time flies by. In fact, I feel a little less silly as she tells me that Daniel Galvin’s salons are famous for colour corrections. I’m not the first person to have come in in desperation. Clients have left in tears of happiness after having their crowning glory restored. As Chelsey tells me, being a colourist offers so much scope and variety, thinking about eye colour, skin tone, lifestyle and upkeep. No day is ever the same.

I leave the salon a bright and happy blonde. It will take a couple of visits to really undo my mistake, but the relief I feel about visiting Chelsey is immense. It’s easy to see why she has such a fan-base (including several celebrities who she just won’t name, discreet as she is) so I make my next appointment before I’ve even left the salon. That’s a date in the diary that I won’t move for anything.

A full head of highlights by a Senior Colour Director costs from £345. 58-60 George Street, W1U (020 7486 9961; danielgalvin.com)