May 2016 / Food & Drink / by Becky Pomfret


Sometimes, when it all gets a bit too much on Oxford Street, and you just want to rest your weary shopping bags, a restaurant offering cocktails, a seasonal and varied menu, and comfy seats is all you desire. Come in 108 Brasserie, you meet all those needs and more.

Recently opened, 108 Brasserie, on the top of Marylebone Lane, and part of The Marylebone, houses two distinctive areas; the bar, a perfect spot for cocktails and people watching, and the dining area where its modern and varied British dishes don’t disappoint.

On a balmy evening, which gave us a thirst, we opted to begin our evening by inhabiting the bar for the signature cocktail; The Marylebone, a delicious blend of vodka, Champagne, elderflower and black raspberry liquor. A bowl of smoked almonds that kept magically re-filling itself proved dangerous and almost stopped us needing to move into the dining area. The combination of the stunning parquet flooring, red leather and burnt orange mohair seats and carefully picked artwork in the bar and restaurant create a sense of style and cosiness all rolled into one happy bundle.

My dining companion, a vegetarian, was happily deciding between a couple of decent options on the main menu when she was presented with her own vegetarian menu with a multitude of choice, which according to her means she’ll never want to eat anywhere else again. She had the spelt white asparagus risotto and ate so much of the deliciously dense Guinness bread I worried for her on the journey home. I chose the fish option as we were drinking a crisp and well-priced Petit Papillon Grenache, and the good-sized salmon and avocado starter and sea-trout fillet with artichoke and broad bean pesto for the main were prepared perfectly. The strawberry shortcake dessert, which we shared, was light and creamy and everything it should be.

With breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, as well as afternoon teas on offer it’s tempting to just move in for good.