July 2013 / Diary / by Cassia Geller

Kitchen Party

Besides being awfully good at producing super-smart storage ideas in bamboozling flat pack form, Ikea is surprisingly in tune with what we want out of a shindig – or, at least, where we want it. Of course, great shapes are thrown in the living room, and you may catch a secret or two if you lurk by the loo, but you will always find us, too, in the kitchen at parties.

In the days of parties past, the kitchen was where the beer was, and now that we’re all refined-like, the kitchen is where you’ll catch the scintillating conversation. (THE KITCHEN IS WHERE THE FOOD IS.)

While we’re sticking with our stomachs at soirées these days, we’re also well aware that high-tech kitchens don’t always mean haute cuisine (at least, not in our social circle), so you can imagine the pre-emptive party in our mouths upon receiving an invitation to Bourne and Hollingsworth’s latest venture. A kitchen party, you say? A pop-up kitchen party, no less? (And you know how fond we are of those.)

An ever-changing, immersive extravaganza of eating, imbibing and entertainment, Clerkenwell’s Kitchen Party stimulates our most cherished of senses, with an aim to ‘gather some of London’s most exciting chefs and culinary entrepreneurs for the first time in one space, under one roof.’ Until early August, guests can pop in for cocktails at wandering bar Fourth Wall, sample a three-course feast of medieval-style meats at Rack & Ruin, or book in for one of the visiting chef’s offerings (yup, that’s a pop-up within a pop-up) and interactive culinary events. We sampled molecular gastronomy from the mad scientists of the food world, Gastronomy Guys: seven experimental courses of showmanship and scrumptiousness (think liquid nitrogen and fruity fois gras).

Of course, like the very best parties, you kind of had to be there, but for those suffering from FOMO, still to come is a multi-sensory Turkish banquet from Trinkets, Italian family favourites from siblings, A Moose Bush, and interactive
events Flavour Sensation and Drink What You Sow. And if
you fancy taking your kitchen party on the road (rail), pop-
up professionals
Mile High will be leading a culinary tour through the Indian Empire on The Great Indian Peninsula, offering passengers food from Rangoon to Kashmir in their colonial railway carriage.

Whether it’s in Kashmir, Turkey or simply sunny Clerkenwell, we’ll catch you by the cooker.

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