March 2017 / Food & Drink / by Jacob Riley

Jacob Goes Radio Gaga

It’s hard to believe, but not every child in London is chocolate-obsessed. One of our younger readers, Jacob Riley from Notting Hill, is a savoury-toothed 11 year old who has discovered a brand new pizzeria in Shoreditch. Radio Alice will be his treat this Easter holiday – a great recommendation from a young man who clearly knows his pepperoni from his pecorino…

When I walked into this establishment, my first words were ‘ahay!’ (they really were). The music was fast and furious like it was from the 1960s. Now, onto the vibe – the vibe was exciting and fast-paced and it really suited the room. The benches looked like the benches from a sauna, they were very unique and original.

Anyway let’s get to the food (and drinks); mouth-watering, lip-smashingly succulent pizzas with the best tomato sauce in the history of the universe! The pizza was unlike any other pizza I have tasted; by far one of the greatest I have ever had! The pizzas I had with my Mum were a Fiordilatte, tomato, basil one (like a Margherita) and a Nduga spicy sausage one (I really dig the pork). The Margherita was and always will be excellent, I mean c’mon you gotta have a pizza made by Marg! The pork sausage pizza was tremendous; it had been sprinkled with something called caciocavallo cheese. The chilli sauce was fiery with a kick; the homemade bread was fluffy like a ferret and the starter of the Burrata was light, gentle and creamy (although not my bag). The apple juice I had (apple is my personal choice of drink) was very refreshing.

My overall opinion of Radio Alice is that it is the best pizza place I have ever eaten in and offers by far the best pizzas ever! If I had the chance to go onto Desert Island Restaurants, I would always choose this place. Besides the staff are super cool! I recommend you tune in ASAP!

16 Hoxton Square, N1 (020 7018 3656;