August 2014 / Food & Drink / by Ann Hall

All hail the sorbtail

We can’t help but be impressed by the interior of Hunter 468, the glamorous boutique bar at The Arch Hotel. Within a stone’s throw of Madonna’s London residence, seated in the curtained round VIP booth, we soak up the relaxed atmosphere surrounded by unique artwork and sense the historic vibe of a bar named after the 1950s Marylebone dialling code.

We’re here to taste London’s latest fusion food. This is a combination of a sorbet and a cocktail to create an inventive why-didn’t-we-think-of-this-before treat: the sorbtail. Taking the classic English summer drinks of Pimm’s, G&T, and the like-a-virgin Elderflower, as well as the more savoury Bloody Mary, the hand-mixed cocktails are given the frozen treatment and presented as a deliciously smooth sorbet-cocktail.

The elderflower is the most refreshing, the Bloody Mary the most tangy and savoury. All have the flavours enhanced by the ice and any fear of brain freeze can be safely diffused with the knowledge that the lower freezing temperature of alcohol will ensure the most precious liquid will melt first. For an evening to cherish, or a chilled celebration of any kind, we think Hunter 468’s sorbtails could just be the Next Best Thing.