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October 2017 / Food & Drink / by Jackie Barber

Get Cracking

British Egg Week, from 9th -15th October with World Egg Day on Friday 13th, celebrates the wonderful versatility and nutritional benefits of the humble egg. From frittatas and huevos rancheros to simple omelettes and eggy bread, there’s an egg recipe for everyone. There’s even a whole website dedicated to egg recipes!  Use the hashtag #yolkporn if you want to show off your amazing results.  Or #yolkpornfail if it doesn’t turn out as planned…   

You can always use science to improve your egg dishes. The team behind the sell-out Modernist Cuisine have perfected the art of cooking eggs sunny-side up:

‘Cooking an egg sunny-side up to perfection poses an inherent problem: the yolk and the white reach their ideal textures at different temperatures. Our solution is to cook the yolk separately from the white and to then reassemble the two parts just before serving. That way, the yolk is like jam and the white is still buttery.’Their new book, Modernist Bread, is out on 7th November.


If eating out is more to your taste, you can’t go wrong with a relaxed Sunday brunch.  Check out some of our favourite brunch venues:  

Dirty Bones’ Ultimate Hangover Brunch: Try this Short Rib Hash from Dirty Bones. The dish includes 14-hour slow cooked short rib finished with caramelised shallots and mustard seeds, served with potatoes and two oozing sunny side-up eggs. Add a couple of cocktails and a side of old school hip-hop, funk and soul music.

Plum + Spilt Milk’s fabulous eggs create fabulous breakfast classics: Using the finest British, free range eggs, Plum + Spilt Milk produce fantastic quality breakfast classics. From traditional eggs Benedict to the more indulgent Dorset lobster Benedict, vibrant orange yolks are partnered with a rich hollandaise sauce for the perfect start to the day. Whichever egg dish you choose from Plum and Spilt Milk’s champagne brunch menu, you’ll be greeted with proper yolk porn from proper hens.  Great Northern Hotel, King’s Cross St Pancras Station, N1C.

Peruvian eggs at Señor CevicheThe lively Peruvian restaurant, Señor Ceviche on Charlotte Street, serves a brilliant free-flowing weekend brunch. Dishes include Sweet potato waffle with slow cooked short rib, frijoles negros, fried duck egg and miso anticucho sauce, matched perfectly with Pisco Punch, Pisco Maria, or Cusqueña. Charlotte Street, W1T.

Arabica Bar and Kitchen: The Arabica Fry Up: For a mere £10,  you can close your eyes and whisk your senses to the Levant with the Arabica Bar & Kitchen Fry Up.  Enjoy two fried Rookery farm eggs, generous slices of spiced beef sausage, roasted tomato, mushrooms and flatbread. The perfect start to a Saturday stroll around Borough Market. Rochester Walk, Borough Market, SE1 

If all this egg talk has got you over-eggcited, why not test your eggy knowledge in this online quiz?  And it’s impossible to celebrate eggs without a least one oeuf-ful yoke:

A man walks into a bar with a fried egg on his head. 

The bartender asks, ‘Why have you got a fried egg on your head?’

The man replies, ‘Because boiled eggs fall off.’

We won’t give up the day job…