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December 2014 / Food & Drink / by Andrew

Drink, and be merry

While we like to consider ourselves experts in all things imbibable, there’s nothing wrong with brushing up your skills every now and then. Accordingly, when we were hanging out in Home House shooting this month’s partywear piece, we were rather pleased to pick up some mixological tips at the bar. Learn from the experts and shake, stir and serve up some party-perfect, guest-impressing tipples yourself:

Espresso Martini
Ingredients: 50ml Ketel One, 25ml Kahlua, 25ml single espresso
Method: Pour all the ingredients in a shaker, shake well, and then double-strain in a martini glass. Use 3 coffee beans as a garnish

Strawberry Fields
Ingredients: 15ml Cariel Vanilla Vodka, 10ml Strawberry puree, 10ml Strawberry cordial, 90ml Moet & Chandon
Method: Pour all the ingredients apart the champagne in a shaker and shake well, fine strain in a flute, then top up with Champagne

Crocodile Tears
Ingredients: 15ml Midori melon liquor, 5ml fresh lemon juice, 5ml sugar syrup, 1 bar spoon Aperol caviar, 90ml Moet & Chandon
Method: Prepare the Aperol caviar (made of alginate combined with sugar and water) 24hrs before and store it in a fridge. Mix all the ingredients in a mixing glass with champagne and stir well. Fine-strain in a flute, and then add the caviar