August 2018 / Food & Drink / by Emily Adams

The Essential Restaurant Bucket List Addition

Hot table: Bucket

There’s something so calming about being beside the seaside: the fresh breeze, the soft sand, and the sound of the sea. It’s a far cry from the chaos of central London, and of course, you need to travel a long way to be reunited with the coast. Or at least that was the case until Bucket, a small independent seafood restaurant, moored up on Westbourne Grove.

bucket restaurant

Still in its opening few months, Bucket has been created by Georgie Godik Hayward – daughter of Gaucho founder Zeev Godik – and her husband Adam Hayward. It’s their first restaurant and wholly unexpected given its location. Decorated in calming sandy tones, with a wood-panelled bar and straw lights that look like hanging anemone above the entrance, it feels like a weather worn but luxurious beach shack. Cushioned cabanas line the wall and at the end of the restaurant I can see the chefs setting up behind a glass window that feels reminiscent of a fish tank.

On the menu tonight, or The Bucket List, as it’s known here, is an enviable line up. From their speciality, buckets of every type of seafood, to the lobster toastie, all the fish are sustainably sourced – no mean feat in the heart of W2.

We try seaweed crisps and squid ink crackers, lobster mac and cheese and the catch of the day: steam roasted whole plaice. You don’t expect fish that was caught that very morning to be sat on your plate when you’re in central London. But here it is, served alongside celeriac chips and caper berry butter. It tastes (and looks) divine. Their tag line is ‘food for your feed’ and I’ll be the first to admit that, much to my followers’ dismay, our feast is plastered all over Instagram Stories.

After a seaweed cocktail or two I’m close to drifting off in my cushioned cabana, and after finding such a relaxing spot, it’s hard to set sail again. This place has got charm and style by the bucketful.

107 Westbourne Grove, W2 (020 3146 1156;