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October 2018 / Diary / by Karen Heaney

Fun Children’s Theatre in Archway

The Enormous Turnip.

A delightful re-potted version of the classic Russian fairy tale from children’s theatre company Stuff and Nonsense, at Jacksons Lane in Archway.

Mr and Mrs Chickweed’s prize-winning vegetables are their pride and joy, but when they plant a turnip seed they get more than they bargained for – a monster that just won’t stop growing.

When the combined efforts of the Chickweed family and their pets can’t get it out of the ground, it’s time to enlist the help of the audience.

Expect live music, charming puppetry and talking cauliflowers. Suitable for seedlings aged two and upwards.

23-27 Oct | Jacksons Lane

269a Archway Road, N6 (020 8341 4421; jacksonslane.org.uk)