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August 2018 / Diary / by Karen Heaney

The Most High-Octane Acrobatics in Town

Gravity & Other Myths: Backbone | 14-19 Aug | Royal Festival Hall

The clue is in the name. The latest show from Australia’s celebrated acrobatic circus troupe is a high-octane, gravity-defying exploration of the limits of human strength.

In a deceptively low-fi production, the troupe perform a series of ensemble works that demand extraordinary agility and absolute trust in each other.

Guaranteed to have jaws dropping and eyes popping, this show is a real crowd pleaser. If the sheer athleticism of what’s taking place on stage doesn’t persuade you to crank up your gym sessions, nothing will.

Belvedere Road, SE1 (020 3879 9555; southbankcentre.co.uk)