June 2018 / Diary / by Emily Adams

Foxhole Spirits teams up with the London Cheesemongers

Meet the new match made in heaven (and thank us later)

Cheese and wine are meant to be together. Fact. Or at least it was until two days ago, when I threw caution to the wind and tried something pretty out there: cheese and gin. Unconventional I know, but hear me out…

Foxhole gin and london cheesemongers


Gin Week

To celebrate London Gin Week (7-10 June) and World Gin Day (9 June), Foxhole Spirits and the London Cheesemongers are hosting a unique cheese and gin pairing event. Hosted by James Oag-Cooper and Jared Wylow, the faces behind these humble businesses, the event takes place atop the London Cheesemonger, a quaint village-esque setting tucked behind Sloane Square.

When I arrive, the table is laid with more wine glasses and slices of cheese than there are people in Chelsea – so I know I’m in for something special.

Waste not; want not

After spending some time as a runner on Australia’s MasterChef, James returned home and found himself with a degree in wine production. He soon discovered that during the winemaking process, 30% of the grape juice was being discarded. And waste not; want not, James had the sense to turn that bi-product into the bottles of gin sat in front of me.

You know what you’re getting with your off-the-shelf supermarket brands, but Foxhole are capable of adapting year on year, and they’re not afraid to experiment. While this year’s Marc 4 variety plays with botanicals, James is currently working on the Marc 5, which promises notes of toffee and caramel.

Foxhole gin and london cheesemongers


As James tells his story, we sample the different gins he’s created and for a predictable gin and tonic drinker like myself, this pure, uninterrupted spirit is a shock to the system. But I can instantly appreciate the different between them and get a sense why this brand is thriving.

Despite my reservations, there’s no better match for this drink than chunks of delectable cheese, sliced just moments earlier from the cheesemonger downstairs. It’s worth grabbing a ticket to this event, if only to sample the smooth, creamy Perail.

Move over red wine; cheese has got a new significant other.

The Details

The gin and cheese-pairing event takes place on 7 June. Tickets can be bought here. Find out more about Foxhole Spirits and the London Cheesemongers.

The London Cheesemongers, 251 Pavilion Road, SW1X 0BP