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March 2018 / Diary / by Karen Heaney

New V&A Exhibition

Fashioned from Nature : The first UK exhibition to explore the complex relationship between fashion and nature from 1600 to the present day

Sometimes nature is the inspiration, at others it is the very fabric of the exhibit – like this cockerel feather cape – in this intriguing show. From a 17th century flower-embroidered bodice, to a Calvin Klein dress made from recycled plastic bottles, via earrings made from stuffed hummingbirds, the exhibition traces the complex relationship between fashion and the natural world in 300 objects.

Providing more food for thought, two interactive installations explore the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Beautiful, fascinating – and a tad unsettling.

The details

V&A, Cromwell Road, SW7 (020 7942 2000; vam.ac.uk) |  21 Apr-27 Jan 2019. |   £12