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September 2013 / Diary / by Cassia Geller

A match made in a mish-mash

Imagine, momentarily, that you are in fact match.com – which, in those fanciful moments when you think Tom’s best man (a classical music fan) might quite like cellist Linda from accounts, you kind of are.

Now think of the people you won’t be making a merry match of. Your old uni flatmate likes the opera; Sasha from the gym is into old school hip-hop. Bella from book club likes supper clubs; Peter from next door likes super clubs. Jo likes bondage; Joe likes vintage. How you choose to spend your weekends does, if not define you, go in some way to describe you, and if the polars in our phonebooks are anything to go by, never the twain shall meet.

Until this Saturday, when two of the biggest party planners on London’s social scene conceived to make a match made in well, somewhere: the Dark Circus Party.

On the outside, it’s the unlikeliest of pairings; Bourne and Hollingsworth, famed for their pre-war-style cocktail bars and the Chap Olympiad, and Torture Gardens, infamous for the kind of laytex-infused event that, if you’re of B&H’s croquet persuasion, you’d probably rather not know. Not an obvious match.com.

But come together they have, for a Saturday spectacular of the things that Jo and Joe would find they both loved, if given half a chance: dancing, dress up, and a little bit of after-dark dreaminess.

At the Bloomsbury Ballrooms (equally suited to flappers and fetishists in its dark-cornered grandeur) this Saturday, the pair will present the best-dressed of revellers with cocktails, cabaret, costume make-up classes and burlesque circus acts – all in their beautifully bizarre big top. So come along, immerse yourself in that sacred union between laytex and vintage – and if you’re looking for love yourself, we’ll be the ones between the Dior and the dungeon.

Saturday 21 September. Bloomsbury Square, WC1B (020 7724 1617)