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September 2017 / Diary / by Jackie Barber

A Cabinet of Curiosities

If you like nothing better than curling up in front of the Antiques Roadshow in the hope of seeing a junk-shop painting turn out to be a Picasso, then you’ll love the modern day cabinet of curiosities that is LAPADA, the prestigious showcase for art and antiques, taking place from the 15th – 20th September 2017. 

Located in beautiful Berkeley Square in the heart of Mayfair, it offers a smorgasbord of cultural delights from across the art, antiques, design and decorative arts spectrum, including jewellery, furniture, carpets, tapestries, antiquities, clocks, ceramics, silver and fine art.  

Whether you’re an early Christmas shopper looking for a gorgeous gift or an experienced collector splashing the cash, with over 100 exhibitors presenting highly sought after works ranging from £500 to £500,000, you’re sure to find the perfect piece. 

Once you’ve satisfied your cultural appetite, why not refuel at the LAPADA Brasserie & Café for a masterpiece of the gastronomic kind?


The LAPADA Fair has become a must-visit fixture in the capital’s autumn art season, welcoming over 20,000 local and international visitors in 2016.  And you can buy in confidence, thanks to a 70-member specialist committee who pre-vet and authenticate every single item on sale. 

To receive a pair of complimentary tickets to the fair (normally £40), email fair@lapada.org with ‘Fabric’ in the subject line and your postal address in the email. For details, visit www.lapadalondon.com/p/visitors.

15-20 September, 11am until 7pm or 8pm, depending on the day. (020 7823 3511; lapadalondon.com)

Artwork above:

  • Yellow Still Life by Roy Lichtenstein, 1974, original lithograph and screenprint, £15,000, exhibited at the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair by Fairhead Fine Art
  • Opalescent ammonite, dating to the late Cretaceous period, around 75 million years ago, £50,000, exhibited at the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair by Art Ancient
  • ‘Piuma’ armchair by A. Gorgone, blond walnut compass structure covered in woolen weft yarn, Italy, 1955, £7,000 each, exhibited at the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair by Guelfucci Gallery