• Fabric Exclusives

    REXTAIL - interior

    Fabric exclusives: August

    Rextail Giveaway Attention Mayfair: Arkady Novikov is back in town. Let us enlighten you: Novikov is a Russian restaurant Mogul whose eponymous first London haunt and subsequent opening, Brompton Asian Brasserie, quickly garnered rave reviews. His newest, Mayfair’s Rextail, has enough confit ducks, Black Angus steaks, venison loins and the likes to make any foodie blush – [...]

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  • Food & Drink


    All hail the sorbtail

    We can’t help but be impressed by the interior of Hunter 468, the glamorous boutique bar at The Arch Hotel. Within a stone’s throw of Madonna’s London residence, seated in the curtained round VIP booth, we soak up the relaxed atmosphere surrounded by unique artwork and sense the historic vibe of a bar named after the 1950s [...]

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  • Hot List


    Never mind Notting Hill

    Think of a British film from the ’90s. Now think of one that doesn’t star Hugh Grant. Aside from posh swearing, the UK had little to say to the film world. The British weren’t coming after all. But a group of film obsessives in west London had had enough of this blandness and so the [...]

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  • London Life


    A walk in the pastoral

    If you’re itching for a bucolic breather but can’t quite make time for a mini-break (this bank holiday does mean Notting Hill Carnival, after all), we may’ve just found a way to bring the meadow to you – or, at least as far as The Strand. As of yesterday, The Savoy has launched a countryside [...]

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  • Property


    A bit on the side

    What the Victorians did for us is well documented: the massive expansion of our railway system, say, or those enormous scientific gains with the publication of Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Introducing the concept of bank holidays is certainly something we’re indebted to our great-greats for… But when it comes to our beloved Victorian terrace, [...]

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  • Style & Wellbeing


    The height of calm

    We’re not shy when it comes to sharing what we’re into; meetings in Fabric towers can start to look worryingly like classic Fräulein Maria moments if given half a chance (you’ll have to take our word for it), and if you’ve caught the Summer in the City special in our July issue, you’ll have an [...]

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