• Fabric Exclusives

    REXTAIL - interior

    Fabric exclusives: August

    Fine dining fit for an Oligarch, the fanciest footwear for little feet or a party straight outta 1999? You want it, we got it…

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  • Hot List


    Never mind Notting Hill

    Think of a British film from the ’90s. Now think of one that doesn’t star Hugh Grant. Aside from posh swearing, the UK had little to say to the film world…

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  • Property


    A bit on the side

    What the Victorians did for us is well documented: the massive expansion of our railway system, say, or those enormous scientific gains…

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  • Food & Drink


    The gourmands of Brixton – and beyond

    It may be a be a bit far south of the river for us, but there’s no ignoring the fact that Brixton Village has fast become one of London’s most exciting foodie areas…

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  • Style & Wellbeing


    The height of calm

    We’re not shy when it comes to sharing what we’re into; meetings in Fabric towers can start to look worryingly like classic Fräulein Maria moments if given half a chance…

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  • Interiors


    Five of the best fun loungers

    If you’re to believe the rumours, the Capital is currently enjoying temperatures more balmy than the Bahamas. (Give or take the odd biblical-scale thunderstorm)…

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