• Fabric Exclusives


    Fabric exclusives: July

    Truscott Arms giveaway Gin & tonic popcorn? Rabbit cannelloni? Veal tartare with anchovy emulsion and parmesan? It’s somewhat of an understatement to say that British pub grub has come a long way in recent years, and for that we’re grateful. The days of the sorry looking burger and chips with a padding-out of supermarket salad [...]

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  • In The Know


    The Scarlet Letterist

    Man crushes, we find, fade – usually alongside six packs and full heads of hair. But our girl crushes tend to have a longer shelf-life…

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  • London Life


    Our city in celluloid

    There’s a story about the producers of Brigadoon. Apparently the filmmakers did not consider Scotland Scottish enough for them…

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  • Style & Wellbeing


    Haute Cou-Tour de France

    Chanel’s Tour de France-inspired show in Paris earlier this week has left us, not only eager to get our couture on, but also itching to get in the saddle – all the name of fashion, of course. Those in attendance caught cheeky glimpses of luxuriously-embellished cycling shorts underneath divinely decadent knee skimming creations, whilst cycling-friendly [...]

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  • Hot List


    512 Hours of Summer

    Pedallos on the Serpentine and 99 Flakes in Hyde Park paint a touch too twee a picture of a summer in the city for us seasoned Londoners; we prefer rooftop yoga to stay in shape and all-natural lollies for our sweet treats, thank you (see July’s Summer in the City issue for more). However, Hyde [...]

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  • Travel


    Smooth operators

    With holiday season well upon us, we’ve got blissful beachside retreats on the brain. In fact, we can almost feel the sand between our toes, hear the lapping of waves against the shore… Frankly, it might just have to stay that way; the stress and strain of pre-plane planning is almost enough to make us [...]

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